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welcome to Apka Business.Our Company PAN No. AAFCP1233Q.Bank(Punjab National Bank Branch Ateli) A\c No.0516002100021914.Tax Deduction Account Number(TAN):RTKP04890E

1.    What is fee of Registrations ?
       Registrations Fees Rs 1500/- Only for Per Annum.

2.    Why should I get paid to receive an SMS ?
       Today Market is very volatile. So we are Provide every news about Indian market commodity with in
e         every 10 minutes for detail go www.apkabusiness.in we are trying to restore your value by paying
y        you on every news you receive.

3.    How much SMS will I receive?
       you receive 50 sms on daily basic.

4.    What happens if my phone is lost or stolen ?
       Please send a mail to info@apkabusiness.in or You may call our Customer Care Customer care will
        change your mobile number.

5.    Can I unsubscribe from www.apkabusiness.in ?
       In case if you are not happy, you are free to unsubscribe from the service. Please send mail to us
       at info@apkabusiness.in.

6.    Can I change my personal details ?
       No you can not change your Personal Detail. You can change only your mobile no.

7.  Will my information be shared ?
      You are a valued customer and your personal information will be kept confidential.

8.  Can I specify the timings of SMS receive ?
       Yes. You you will Receive SMS only Commodity Online Market time.

9.  What should I do if I change my number ?

       You can mail at www.apkabusiness.in or Call to Our Customer Care.

10.  How do I invite my friends ?
       Yes You can invite your friends.

11.  What are the payment options ?
       Payments will be sent as cheque/draft/Funds Transfer in name you given in the profile.

12.  I have two phones will I be paid for both ?
       No. One person can have only one registration
13.  What is your Bank detail?
       Current Account
       IFSC CODE-PUNB0051600

14.  If I Message not receive?
       If you message not receive you can complains to our Customer Care. You get complain no. your
        Problem will solve with in 72 Hours.
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